Meet our new friend: Domestic & General

Posted on the 5th August 2021

As the old saying goes, ‘friends are the family you choose’ and one of our favourite things about being a nation-wide network is all the friendships we have made with our members across the country. This got us to thinking – how can we grow these friendships and introduce more people into the network? 

What is Friends of Reuse Network?

We often get asked by individuals or businesses who operate outside of the sector how they can become affiliated with our network and support us in raising awareness of the many benefits of reuse, and this is what led us to our brand-new offering, Friends of Reuse Network. 

Friends of Reuse Network is a way for anyone, anywhere, to support Reuse Network and our hundreds of members in the UK. Anyone who is a Friend of Reuse will also be helping to raise awareness about the impact and benefits of reuse. 

Introducing our new friend: Domestic & General

When Domestic & General reached out to us to talk about its new campaign highlighting the benefits of reusing unwanted white goods, we knew we had a friend in them right from the start. It’s been fantastic getting to know the team and understand their mission in raising awareness of reuse in order to protect the environment, and we were delighted to hear that they wanted to become a Friend of Reuse Network. 

Recently conducted research by Domestic & General found that 57% of people surveyed would be more willing to donate their old white goods if they knew they could go through charities like those who make up the Reuse Network. Through its campaign, Domestic & General hope to encourage more people to re-think what they do with the white goods they may no longer wish to keep either when they are moving home, redecorating or when they want to buy a new appliance.  

And for those of us who prefer to buy second hand rather than buying new when it comes to household appliances and white goods, Domestic & General offer protection to cover your pre-loved goods. 

Can I become a Friend of Reuse Network?

Yes! We’d love for you to become a Friend of Reuse Network!  

Friends of Reuse Network is open to both individuals and businesses, and by becoming a Friend of Reuse Network, you can align yourself with our values and make a pledge to become more sustainable, more charitable and more mindful of reuse in your day-to-day life.  

When you choose to become a Friend of Reuse Network, your donation will mean that we can continue providing the specialist advice and information our member charities need to tackle poverty and inequality. 

And on top of all this, you will receive a bunch of free goodies from us to say a big thank you for your donation! Your pack will include a vegan leather notebook, a pin badge, face masks and more!

Click here to become a Friend of Reuse Network

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PWP licence and registration

As of 1 January 2016, the Reuse Network Product Weight Protocol (PWP), formally known as the FRN Average Weights List, requires the purchase of an annual licence from the Reuse Network.

Friday 05th February 2021