Values & mission

By supporting a network of charitable reuse organisations, we are helping our members connect with the most isolated and vulnerable members of their communities.

We work nationally so our members can act locally. This means providing them with the specialist advice and information they need to tackle poverty and inequality.

Working side-by- side with our members, we help them raise income, reduce dependence on grants, get better access to more household goods and create opportunities for those in need.

Our members work with us and each other to get access to funding and sector support, raise their profile both nationally and locally, develop meaningful partnerships and identify opportunities.

We are driving the message of reuse across the UK, creating a sustainable, supportive network that strives to help the poorest in our society build a brighter and better future for themselves.

Our charitable objects:

To relieve persons who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress by the provision of, or assisting in the provision of, facilities advice and information that will develop, establish and assist furniture recycling charities.