Fit for Reuse

Your guide to the repair, refurbishment and reuse of domestic electrical appliances

Fit for Reuse is our latest guidance which will support Professional Repairers in safely repairing and reusing electrical and electronic equipment (EEE).

Industry and regulatory changes can be challenging to navigate. We are here to make the process easy and simple so you can feel confident that your work meets industry standards and consumers are assured that reuse products are safe and durable.

Aided by the involvement of over 30 partners, including Trading Standards, Electrical Safety First, Currys, Charity Fleetcare, Arena Training and Reuse Network members, Fit for Reuse is a free, accessible, resource aimed specifically at technicians and managers of reuse operations. 

Filled with photos, helpful tips, and revamped check sheets, this guidance has been written by the sector for the sector. The easily downloadable and shareable information represents a significant step forward in professionalising the sector, cementing best practices, and placing product safety at the heart of reuse and repair activity. 

Fit for Reuse is free to use and can be accessed whenever and wherever you need it. All you need to do register for an account:

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