Friends of Reuse Network

£55.20 for individuals or £4.60 / month

£110 / year for businesses

What is a Friend of Reuse Network?

Friends of Reuse Network is open to individuals and businesses who wish to raise awareness about the impact and benefits of reuse and show their support to our charity and our hundreds of members in the UK.

We often get asked by individuals or businesses who operate outside of the sector how they can become affiliated with our charity and support us in raising awareness of the many benefits of reuse.

We recognise the importance of seeking out a network of like-minded people and this is how Friends of Reuse Network was created. By becoming a Friend of Reuse Network, you can align yourself with our charity’s values and make a pledge to become more sustainable, more charitable and more mindful of reuse in your day-to-day life.

Every Friend of Reuse Network will be supporting us in driving our message of reuse across the UK and will play a vital role in enabling us to continue to build a sustainable, supportive network that strives to help the poorest in our society build a brighter and better future for themselves.

When you choose to become a Friend of Reuse Network, your donation will mean that we can continue providing the specialist advice and information our member charities need to tackle poverty and inequality.

How do I sign up?

Please complete our short registration form and you will be added to our list of Friends. Businesses will have their logo and website listed on our dedicated Friends of Reuse page, individuals can be mentioned by name if they choose to.

How much does it cost?

£55.20 for individuals or £4.60 / month

£110 / year for businesses

What do I get?

By becoming a Friend of Reuse Network you will receive a bunch of free goodies from us to say thank you for your donation, your pack will include:

  • A vegan leather notebook that can be refilled when you run out of space.
  • Biodegradable stickers which you can stick wherever you fancy to let people know you are a Friend of Reuse Network
  • A pin badge which you can wear with pride and show off to your friends
  • A beautiful A2 Friend of Reuse Network poster
  • 2 Reuse branded facemasks
  • A pledge certificate that outlines what you pledge to do when you become a Friend of Reuse Network

You’ll also be able to display the Friends of Reuse Network logo on your website to show that you support the network.

As well as this, you will become a valued supporter and through your connection with Reuse Network, we will send you regular newsletters with all the latest news, updates and useful information from the network and beyond, helping you stay in the loop with all things reuse.

Oh, and by becoming a Friend of Reuse Network you become instantly more awesome! In our opinion anyway.

Become a Friend of Reuse Network