Vacancies with Reuse Network

We have two new exciting opportunities at the Reuse Network for enthusiastic team players who are passionate about supporting communities and interested in environmental issues.

Tuesday 04th August 2020

Reuse face masks for sale

These reusable masks are washable and made to last. All our face masks feature Panaz Shield Plus ™ Anti-Microbial technology.

Wednesday 08th July 2020

Reuse face mask

// Lockdown Life // ILM Highland

During the lockdown period where many businesses were closing, one part of ILM had never been so busy this was the Handyperson Service.

Friday 03rd July 2020

ILM Highland CEO Martin McLeod

// Lockdown Life // Waste Not Want Not

The pandemic hasn't stopped the local community from needing the charity’s services. The Fresh Start Scheme raises specific funding to provide free goods.

Friday 26th June 2020

Waste Not Want Not Entrance