What we do

Working with our network of members, we are reducing poverty, tackling waste and offering a brighter and better future for the most isolated individuals in our society.


No one should be without a bed to sleep on, a cooker to cook on or a sofa to sit on. We are working across sectors to make this vision a reality, giving our member charities the support, information, connections and goods they need to reach vulnerable people in need in their local communities. In addition, our member charities and social enterprises also provide advice, support and opportunities in a variety of other ways, helping the most marginalised and vulnerable members of their communities tackle issues ranging from debt to unemployment. Our vision is vast and ambitious. But we truly believe that by working across sectors and within the heart of our communities, we can tackle poverty and inequality and offer a better and brighter future for all.


Reuse matters. The message of reuse for social and environmental benefit is being heard. We speak loudly and clearly on behalf of our members so that we can be a driving force in our sector, influencing policy-makers, ensuring the growth of the social economy reuse sector and offering a better way of life for households in need. We provide a seamless connection between charities, corporate partners and social enterprises around the UK, working together to promote the reuse sector and its value in tackling material poverty, isolation and inequality.


We are building meaningful connections between our commercial partners, member
organisations and members of the public to divert millions of usable household items from landfill and into low-income households, tackling poverty, saving hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO2 , and supporting a vast, growing network of people through volunteering, employment and training opportunities. In addition, we are working with a large and growing number of corporate partners to help them develop strong shared social responsibility and circular economy strategies that result in lower waste disposal bills, lighter carbon footprints and tangible contributions to society by simply extending the life of their products. The result is vastly more usable household goods ending up in homes that need it and not in landfill.

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