What’s the value of your donation?

Posted on the 15th May 2018

We couldn’t survive without the generous donations we receive every day. Everyone who gives deserves the right to know how we use their items. It’s why we’ve created an impact calculator so you can understand the value – and the impact – of your donations.

We are the Reuse Network. We’re a group of over 200 charities and social enterprises brought together by a collective belief that giving household items and furniture a second chance is better for our customers, our communities, and our environment.

Here are three ways that your donations change lives:

1. Households Helped

Every donation will help someone. The more you give, the more households you help. It’s that simple.

2. Money Saved

By repurposing and reusing household items we can offer them to low-income families at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. Our impact calculator gives you an idea of just how much these savings could be.

3. CO2Reduction

Every item we reuse is one less that goes to landfill. This can help save CO2, protecting our planet for the future. Our impact calculator tells you how much CO2 your donation has saved.

We don’t just receive donations from the public. We also work with leading brands and businesses both nationally and locally who kindly give us items that we can reuse.

In 2017, as a network, we helped 1.5 million households save almost £436m. We prevented 125,600 tonnes of CO2 being produced, and saved a further 117,450 tonnes entering the waste stream.

But we can do more.

This May we want to encourage people to donate their unwanted items. Our #Every2ndcounts campaign celebrates the incredible contribution that our network members – and our donors – make.

If you have something you’d like to give, or want to get involves in the campaign and the conversation use the #Every2ndcounts hashtag and follow us online at:


Donate your unwanted items

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