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I’m already a Network Member, can I upgrade my membership to an Approved Reuse Centre (ARC) Membership?

Yes, absolutely! You can upgrade to a higher level at any time during the year. All membership is annual, running for 12 months from 1 st April to 21 st March.

How does the Reuse Network Approved Reuse Centre Membership fee offer value for money?

We consider the membership fee to be excellent value for money and great savings can be made by becoming an Approved Reuse Centre with the Reuse Network. When you consider that an external consultant may charge upwards of £1500 per day for their services, our membership fee of £1,100 per year plus VAT is excellent value for money. Not only does it include an annual audit, but all other membership services too.

How do I know if I’m eligible to become an Approved Reuse Centre (ARC)?

It’s simple! Any Reuse Network member or any reuse organisation who meet the criteria of our Network Membership can become an Approved Reuse Centre.

My organisation has more than one shop/ several subsidiaries – does each entity have to become an ARC member or can we apply as a group?

If you have more than one shop/several subsidiaries each site will need to be certified as an Approved Reuse Centre separately. The ARC membership cost covers up to three sites within a county region and any additional sites within the same region will be charged at a cost of £100 per site per year. Please note, we will assess the distance between each of the sites to ensure they are within easy travelling distance of each other.

What is an annual audit and why should I have one?

As part of your ARC membership you will gain access to an annual audit. By taking part in a Reuse Network annual audit you will ensure your organisation is compliant with health and safety, waste, fleet, and other regulatory requirements, subsequently reducing or eradicating the risk of potential fines or compensation claims.

This certification provides confidence to our major commercial retail and manufacturing partners and automatically ensures access to new & graded quality pre-used products at discounted Reuse Network prices through partnerships created and managed by our team in Bristol.

How much does it cost to become an Approved Reuse Centre (ARC)?

The total cost for an Approved Reuse Centre membership is £1,100 plus VAT per year for up to three sites.

Any subsequent sites to be audited are charged at £100 per site per year.

What is an Approved Reuse Centre (ARC) membership?

ARC membership allows organisations to work towards certification as an Approved Reuse Centre by providing a thorough audit and assessment of quality management policies and procedures on your site on an annual basis.

You will see your organisation run more efficiently and effectively through staff training and a better understanding of processes, procedures, and responsibilities. This certification not only provides confidence to our major commercial, retail and manufacturing partners but also your Trustees and Directors, creating the assurance that you are operating legally and compliantly

Benefits include:

  • Improve the management capability, operational processes and professionalism of your
    organisation via an annual audit
  • Work with Reuse Enterprises’ commercial contracts with major retailers
  • Provide legitimate assurances to local authorities, commercial partners and certification bodies
  • Voting rights at the Reuse Enterprises AGM and stand for election as a director

ARC membership is a nationally recognised mark of professionalism and excellence.

What is an Approved Reuse Centre (ARC)?

An Approved Reuse Centre, shortened to ARC, is a reuse centre certified using the Reuse Network’s ARC Certification, which is the only system within the UK designed specifically for the quality assurance of reuse operators.

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