TV presenter Konnie Huq and ‘organisation guru’ Nicola Lewis take part in Give-Back January to promote WEEE reuse

Posted on the 14th January 2022

In case you missed it, this month is ‘Give-Back January’  

Reuse Network have been working closely with the team at Recycle Your Electricals to support them in their efforts to raise awareness of the importance of reusing and recycling electrical appliances. The nationwide campaign has enlisted the help of two celebrity ambassadors who have been spreading the Give-Back January message far and wide, and even making some donations of unwanted electricals themselves! 

What is the Give Back January campaign?

Research conducted by Recycle Your Electricals has revealed that nearly 40% of UK adults bought nearly 40 million items of household tech from Black Friday to Christmas, resulting in 4.2 million unwanted electricals being abandoned. Some 2.2 million of these abandoned electricals are hoarded away, with 2 million of them thrown in the bin. If we donated these items to those in need, the value would be £136 million. 

Throughout January, Recycle Your Electricals are encouraging everyone in the UK to get involved in Give-Back January. Instead of hoarding our old electricals at home, or throwing them in the bin to end up in landfill, working items should be donated to those in need. Anything that is broken and can’t be fixed must be recycled because anything with a plug, cable or battery can be recycled. 

What are the benefits of reusing your electricals?

The easy answer is that it keeps them out of the waste stream. 

The impact that people don’t always know about or see if that when you give your unwanted items to a reuse charity, this helps them provide affordable goods to people in need, it can give employment, volunteering and training opportunities to people who would otherwise struggle to find a job, and of course, it saves money for the charity’s customers. 

Who are the celebrities who have got behind the Give-Back January campaign?

This year, the campaign was headed up by two celebrity ambassadors: Konnie Huq, and Nicola Lewis. We were pleased to hear that they wanted to donate their unwanted electricals to local charities in their area and were more than happy to assist! 

Konnie Huq, a presenter, author and screenwriter, launched the Give-Back January campaign back in December and was keen to donate a box of unwanted electricals to her local reuse charity in the hope that the items could go to someone who needed them. Speaking of the campaign she said: “The Recycle Your Electricals Give-Back January campaign is so important; it shows us that there is value in our waste electricals. There are so many people that would really appreciate something being donated to them…” 

Konnie donated her electrical items to Reuse Network member Trinity Activities, Trinitywho carry out vital work to end homelessness in its local communities and beyond. Through its furniture reuse shops, Trinity is able to support people who are sleeping rough into housing and work placement opportunities. 

Another celebrity ambassador taking part in the campaign is Nicola Lewis, a professional ‘de-clutterer’ and ‘organisation guru’ who has a huge following on social media where she shares her top tips on making a tidy home. 

Nicola took a trip to Reuse Network member, Epping Forest ReUSE, which is her local reuse charity. Whilst visiting the reuse centre, Nicola donated a whole bunch of her unwanted electrical items and took a tour around the centre. “By donating or buying items at Epping Forest ReUSE you’ll be supporting a charity who help so many…” Nicola shared whilst making her donation. 

Nicola took a trip to Reuse Network members, Epping Forest ReUSE, which is her local reuse charity. Whilst visiting the reuse centre, Nicola donated a whole bunch of her unwanted electrical items and took a tour around the centre. 

How can I get involved with Give-Back January?

Anyone wishing to organise their own Give-Back January can find their nearest recycling or donation points via an easy-to-use postcode tracker which can be found on 

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