Furniture Re-use Network and DixonsCarphone welcome public interest in WEEE take-back schemes highlighted in WRAP report

Posted on the 10th July 2017

The consumer's behaviour when it comes to discarding waste can have a huge economic and social value

Craig Anderson, Furniture Re-use Network CEO

Response statement

Following the WRAP report entitled Switched on to Value: Powering Business Change, published on 18 July, the Furniture Re-use Network (FRN) and DixonsCarphone have issued a joint statement responding to WRAP’s report finding that ‘83% of households are interested in retailer take-back schemes’ and highlighting the success of their current take-back scheme for WEEE goods including fridges, cookers and washing machines in place across the UK.

The Furniture Re-use Network (FRN) have been working in partnership with DixonsCarphone since 2013 and has established a successful WEEE take-back framework that includes pick-up and drop-off services between reuse charities and DixonsCarphone stores. The innovative scheme serves a common goal of both retailer and reuse charity to support local communities and an increasing demand for affordable, quality electrical appliances while helping reduce waste and harm to the environment.

In the last financial year alone (2016 to 2017 Social Impact Report) the scheme has helped 12,492 households, preventing over 1,275 tonnes of CO2 from harming the environment and saving households an estimate of £2,342,250.

Head of Recycling & Service Partner Lead at DixonCarphone, Chris Brown says: “As a retailer actively providing take-back solutions, data wiping and recycling services, we support and encourage the move towards the opportunities highlighted in this report.”

CEO of FRN, Craig Anderson says: “We welcome this call. This could result in more equipment being collected in a manner that makes it fit for reuse and supply those that can’t afford new electrical appliances. The FRN notes WRAP findings. If we can engage the public and businesses in the reciprocal benefits of WEEE take-back schemes and achieve easy access to reusable goods, there is opportunity for increased growth and prosperity. The FRN would encourage customers to use their local reuse charity for WEEE collections as well as inspire businesses to explore collaborations with the voluntary reuse sector to provide both financial savings and corporate social responsibility gains.

The consumer’s behaviour when it comes to discarding waste can have a huge economic and social value – and this is shown through our on-going national retailer take-back arrangements with DixonsCarphone, IKEA and John Lewis. These arrangements offer a solution to the customer with an unwanted washing machine in their home, and a solution for a low-income household with no washing machine, putting the circular economy into action.”

Media Contact:

Claire Charras

Business Support Manager

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Notes to the editors:

  • The Furniture Re-use Network (FRN) is the national representative for around 200 reuse charities in the UK.
  • Craig Anderson, Furniture Re-use Network CEO is available for interview.
  • For the Furniture Re-use Network (FRN) it is re-use that provides an answer to the UK’s serious waste problem – turning it into a solution for the alleviation of poverty instead. By shifting behavioural attitudes of the public and corporations and using innovative schemes such as retail take-back scheme and supporting product stewardship, the FRN is a game-changer in putting the circular economy into motion.
  • The Furniture Re-use Network Social Impact Report 2017 is available to download.


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