Supplier Spotlight: Hughestrade

Posted on the 1st February 2022

Last year we launched our brand-new Suppliers’ Suite, an initiative that would bring together businesses and service providers who all want to support the charities and social enterprises that make up the network. 

Since its launch, we have welcomed lots of brilliant businesses and service providers who are each offering their products and services to our growing number of charity members across the country. 

Each of the businesses that make up our Suppliers’ Suite are supporting the alleviation of poverty and the tackling of climate change by assisting our network of charities in providing crucial services to communities across the country. 

In this blog series, we’ll be shining a spotlight on some of our suppliers; showing you what they do and what they are about. Kicking off the series we spoke with Hughestrade, a supplier of electrical products to organisations of all kinds across the UK. 

Why did you choose to join Reuse Network as a Supplier? 

As a service providing appliances to trade and businesses, we have had a strong relationship with several local Reuse Network members for a few years. We have found that the members mostly buy washers, cookers, and fridge freezers and following the set-up of our own brand Altimo with the direct factory and servicing relationships we were ready to broaden our spread and help other members of the network. 

Have you got any stories of working with charities and how you have supported them that stick out to you? 

Being a family business with 700+ team members and with 30 shops in local communities we have been pleased to get involved in loads of great projects where our products, time and experience has been able to help great causes. Although there has not been so many this year for obvious reasons usually there are tens of charity events every year such as gifting needed products, money raising schemes, or just providing time to teach technology to the flummoxed.  

How are you looking to support Reuse Network members

By providing the best value electrical products available, which is a bold claim that will need some explanation. As a large retailer we maintain excellent relationships with all the big brands, our purchasing and storage capacity means we buy big and keep about £15m of stock available at any time. We are really pleased that our project to source direct supply from trusted long serving factories strengthens our offering further. Our intention is to make our customers budgets stretch further.                                                                                                                                                                 

Tell us one interesting fact about Hughestrade 

We were thrilled to be selected as appliance supplier for the London 2012 Olympic Games with thousands of televisions and domestic appliances bought and mostly rented via seventeen contracts in and around the games, but this year that fact is eclipsed by our own exciting news of our own centenary celebrations, 100 years of electrical products and services. 


Find out more about Hughestrade here.

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