Press release: #Every2ndcounts this May

Posted on the 16th May 2018

This is a brilliant and crucial initiative, that helps shift us away from the madness of the waste economy and towards a viable future.

George Monbiot, influential green campaigner

For immediate release: 16 May 2018

Why #Every2ndcounts this May

Every year millions of unwanted items are sent to landfill, but up to a third could be repurposed and reused to help low-income families. This May the Reuse Network is encouraging households across the UK to give their unwanted household items a second chance, because #Every2ndcounts.

The #Every2ndcounts campaign has been created by the Reuse Network, a group of over 200 charities and social enterprises across the UK who are committed to giving household items a second chance. Formerly known as the Furniture Re-use Network, the organisation rebranded earlier this year in time for its 30th anniversary in October next year.

Discussing the campaign, Craig Anderson, CEO, Reuse Network says: “Giving unwanted household items and furniture a second chance is better for our users, communities, and our environment. It genuinely changes lives.

“In 2017, across the UK we helped 1.5 million households save almost £436m. We prevented 125,600 tonnes of CO2 being produced, and saved a further 117,450 entering the waste stream. But we can do more.

“The #Every2ndcounts campaign is about celebrating the contribution that our donors make when they give items, and the incredible impact that the reuse sector makes to society and the environment.”

The campaign has been endorsed by influential green campaigner George Monbiot, who said: “This is a brilliant and crucial initiative, that helps shift us away from the madness of the waste economy and towards a viable future.”

Throughout May, Reuse Network partners across the country will use the #Every2ndcounts hashtag on social media to give members of the public an insight into some of the amazing donations we receive. You will learn about the life-changing impact the reuse sector has and how you can get involved.

One donation that has raised eyebrows earlier this year was a set of ashes stored in a filing cabinet and donated to a Reuse Network member, Community Furniture Store in York. The ashes, misplaced during a house move, belonged to a relative of Professor Fiona Raitt, a former Professor of Law at Dundee Law School. Reuniting the two, member of staff Ros Batchelor said: “We are delighted to have been able to return this item of immense personal value to the family.  Our staff work very hard to help our customers and donors, but this did require a rather special effort.”

You can find information on the Reuse Network, including where to find local Reuse Network members on the Reuse Network website. There you can also find an impact calculator, which allows you the chance to see how donations change lives.

You can follow the campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by using the #Every2ndcounts hashtag.

Craig has a message for everyone this May:“If you’re considering throwing something away, think about whether it could be reused by someone else.”

“The donations we receive are repurposed and reused, to give low-income families the items they need to turn a house or a flat into a home. They’re available at a fraction of the cost of buying new. “


For all press enquiries please contact:

Lawrie Jones on: 0117 369 0243

Notes to the editors:

  •  Craig Anderson, CEO, Reuse Network is available for interview
  • Reuse organisations are charities and social enterprises that work towards the alleviation of poverty through the provision of affordable furniture and the provision of work and volunteering opportunities.
  • Reuse is different from recycling or upcycling. Reuse means that you are giving an item a second-life by using it again for the same purpose it originally intended for.
  • The Reuse Network is the national body which represents charitable re-use organisations across the UK and has around 200 members.

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