News From The Network – National Recycling Week

Posted on the 25th September 2019

It’s National Recycling Week!

It’s National Recycling Week and our members have been up to all sorts to promote and support the cause. Reuse Network members are dedicated to not only help alleviate poverty but also to divert from landfill and reuse, repair and recycle. With everyone’s attention on the news concerning climate change and climate action it is important to celebrate the great work the reuse sector is doing to help.

Find out what our members have been doing to support the cause. 

Emmaus Village Carlton are hosting a scrapheap challenge

Vision21 have a Regeneration and Repair Cafe

And another…

Does your organisation upcycle? Take a look at this upcoming competition!

Thinking of trying your hand at paint reuse? If you are interested in working with them, get in touch today.

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