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Posted on the 26th June 2020

Reuse sector’s response to the crisis

Waste Not Want Not, Reuse Network member in Chippenham closed its doors on 23 March 2020 following the government’s announcement of the lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak.

The pandemic hasn’t stopped the local community needing the charity’s services. One of its core services, the Fresh Start Scheme raises specific funding to provide free goods to individuals and families rebuilding their lives. Extreme circumstances like domestic abuse or homelessness mean that people find themselves with none of their belongings, in an empty property provided by the council.

Four of such groups of clients received the charity’s help during the long 12 weeks of lockdown – two women and two men. Both men were living on the streets and homeless, one of the women had been living in her car for two weeks and the other was fleeing an abusive home with her young son. With the help of the Fresh Start Scheme from Waste Not, Want Not, these people had a safe place to be during the pandemic.

Waste Not, Want Not expects that more people will be coming forward now the charity has officially reopened its doors and more than ever this service is going to be required.

If you wish to visit the charity in Chippenham, it re-opened on 15 June 2020. The showroom has a sanitising station by the entrance and floor decals to create a one-way system and denote social distancing. For deliveries and donations, the van crew are operating in masks and gloves and are telephoning customers on the day of collection or delivery to make sure everyone involved is happy with the proposed arrangements.

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