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Posted on the 3rd July 2020

ILM Highland is a social enterprise, meaning that every penny of profit is reinvested back into the local community. The business strives to help keep vulnerable people at home to maintain their safety and wellbeing.

During the lockdown period where many businesses were closing, one part of ILM had never been so busy this was the Handyperson Service – the team were out in full force supporting the NHS by allowing people to stay at home and shield. Throughout lockdown, the team carried out small adaptations and installed equipment in clients’ homes to prevent them from being admitted to hospital as well as assisting patients to be discharged safely from the hospital.

Alongside this, ILM Highland was also providing the installation of telecare equipment to enable patients to get the right help at the touch of a button any time, day or night. Telecare is the use of technology and sensors to provide support and assistance at a distance. It gives patients the freedom to live their life, safe in the knowledge that they can call for help quickly if it is ever needed.

Following government guidelines, ILM Highland opened its retail doors on Monday 29 June. The retail shop which is home to new and refurbished items such as washing machines, fridges, hoovers and many other electrical items has been a lifeline to the business and as the team have been waiting patiently for the new guidance to be announced they are excited to be able to welcome customers back into the shop.

The profits made from the shop supports every aspect of the business, ILM Highland is currently looking at even more ways to help people stay at home and give customers an affordable alternative through their refurbished goods offering. The refurbished products offer people with a lower income the ability to buy the products that they need. A recent survey showed that 1 in 3 people are estimated to lose their jobs in 2020 due to the pandemic and ILM are urging their local Highland community that if they are looking for an electrical item to think of ILM Highland.

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