How to use the Reuse Network service finder

Posted on the 2nd August 2018

Do you have an item you’d like to donate to charity, but you’re not sure where your local reuse charity is? We have 200 reuse organisations across the UK who accept a wide range of items, use our service finder to locate them and get in contact.

Here are a few tips on how to use our service finder:

Opening the service finder

From the home page of our website you can click on either “find items” or “donate items” – they will take you straight to the main page where we can begin searching for a charity.

Entering your information

The next step is to enter your postcode, town or city, and select from the drop down menu how far you would like to search. It’s worth searching for at least 10 miles or more, as our service finder calculates distance “as the crow flies” so the greater the distance search, the larger the list of charities.

You can also tick the types of items you are donating, such as domestic furniture or paint. Don’t worry if you’re unsure, you can continue your search without selecting the types of items.

Once you’ve entered your information, click on the search button.

Selecting and contacting your local charity

You should now be able to see a variety of charity stores including their name, contact details and address. There are also icons just below the charity name, which represent each category of furniture. The highlighted purple icons indicate that they do accept that type of item, a grey/faded icon means they do not.

At this point you have a few options, you can either telephone the charity directly to make an enquiry, visit them in person using the address, or click “select” on as many charities as you wish, to send them an email about your donation/request directly from our website. In this example, I am going to select Emmaus Bristol and Sofa Project for my donation. Once you have finished selecting your charities, click on “continue” in the bottom right-hand corner.

You will then be able to enter your information and enquiry directly with the charity.

For help and information, feel free to give the office a call on 0800 0858 339.



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