Get your reuse charity retail outlets ready for business

Posted on the 1st July 2020

Charlie Harding, owner of Bonne Vivante marketing agency in Bristol, shares her top tips to get your outlets ready for business after lockdown.

With lockdown easing now across the UK, there are a few measures you need to take with your marketing and social media to minimise customer confusion and questions.

All these tips are free and easy to implement alongside your government guidelines and will hopefully encourage more customers to pop in, shop or order online!

Are your details up to date?

There is a chance you or Google have set yourself to temporarily closed due to COVID-19. You may have also updated your website, socials or email signatures to reflect any changes in your opening hours. Make sure these are all updated ASAP, a customer who turns up to see you’re closed, may not try again.

What precautions are you using to protect you and your staff?

Customers are nervous to go anywhere right now, let alone pop to the shops, into local restaurants or out for a pint. By putting their fears at rest by listing what you are doing to protect them and, as importantly your staff, you should be welcoming more people in. We are visual creatures so take lots of pictures, keep it light-hearted and be prepared to answer a few questions.

Easy to find items in-store or online.

Customers know you will be limiting the number of people allowed in at any one time and you may not want to encourage the browsers just yet. Make your shop layout clear and items easy to find. Think floor maps, ceiling signage, pictures and so on. You might even want to have a sample of what is available on your social media and/or your online shop. Also, think about options for Click + Collect schemes.

Lots of pictures!

Going back to point 2, customers will want to know what to expect before they come in. For a current client, I took pictures of friends pretending to queue up to enter the bar to show customers where they would need to stand. If you have moved stock about, introduced a one-way system, have someone at the door supervising customers or anything similar, take a photo or a video and show people.

Use the free resources you have to get your information out.

You don’t need to spend money on advertising. Get onto your local Facebook groups, message the local papers and magazines, send your info to local bloggers that cover your business niche and any local tourism organisations that will let you register your business details for free.

Charlie Harding specialises in marketing and social media for the food and drinks industry in Bristol and has kindly donated her time and expertise to give Reuse Network members her top tips when coming out of lockdown. Find out more about Bonne Vivante Marketing here:

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