FRADE pays tribute to their founder Julia Cherret

Posted on the 8th October 2020

Written by Reuse Network member, FRADE:

“It is with sadness that we report the passing of our founder Julia Cherrett. To Julia’s family, friends and work colleagues, we send our heartfelt condolences.

Many tributes have already been paid to Councillor Julia Cherrett, the founder of the Frade Charity. We also would like to pay our respects along with those who knew her from the many different walks of life in which she excelled.

Julia was certainly a pioneer, setting up our organisation in her garage in 1990 and forming the Charity, a few short years later. Thirty years later, we are still going from strength to strength, a wonderful, lasting legacy.

FRADE, is a fitting tribute to her passion for helping those less fortunate, with the simple goal to help others remain in their community if they had fallen on hard times. In the earliest days, donations were sourced and household goods delivered to those in need from her garage, a truly amazing and insightful act of kindness.

During this pandemic, we drew on our history of working with the homeless before we had shop premises, tills or delivery vans. We realised that we had come a long way, but never losing sight of the vision of our founding member, to come to the aid of those less fortunate in difficult times.

Our thoughts go out to her family, her loving husband Mike, three brothers, Dave, Geoff and Steve, as well as her children, Aled and Hannah, and grand-children in these difficult times and we will be forever grateful for her passion, dedication and indomitable community spirit.”

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