Designing REUSE Home

Posted on the 14th April 2021

We have been very lucky to work with the Group of Seven design agency once again for this project. The Group of Seven did our Reuse Network rebrand in 2018 so it made sense to us to go back to the Group of Seven to provide us with a brand identity for REUSE Home. We have been working with them to create a website that isn’t only useful for our members to sell their products online but looks great.

With the help of Jason, Matt and Hannah, we have created a website that looks modern and easy to use but also reflects some of the branding icons and colours from REUSE to keep a link between the two brands as well as allowing the website to be a standalone page.

Jason and his team drew up a series of logos that we were able to discuss, pointing out things we liked and disliked and whittling down choices until we found something we, as a team, thought would resonate. We are looking forward to seeing what you think!

We also were given options to look at when it came to the colours and layout of the website itself. It is important to have the home page look inviting and easy to use to encourage people to use it as well as ensuring that it is accessible to people with impairments. The colours used are important as they will have to compliment the branding as well as the graphics and illustrations on the page.

Finally, we have had some graphics created that provide a fun, visual aid for people shopping by category, created and designed by Group of Seven designer, Hannah. We love the look of them and hope that you will all be just as impressed as we are!

We have been asking members to come forward if they would like to be part of the first wave of user testing and have been really impressed with the response so far. If you would like to see what we have done with the website please get in touch with Charlie our project manager and she will be happy to provide a screenshot of the website as it stands currently.

We are hoping to launch the website at the end of April but do keep an eye on your emails as we will need your help before then!

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