Celebrating volunteers in the reuse sector for Volunteers’ Week

Posted on the 1st June 2018

Volunteering may not make you a millionaire money-wise, but it will make you a billionaire blessings-wise.

Today marks the start of Volunteers’ Week (1-7 June 2018), we here at the Reuse Network wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to all the wonderful volunteers working for our members across the UK. In a world where most people share quotes about kindness and generosity on social media, we wanted to thank you for really walking the talk! Without you, we couldn’t do what we do!

According to Volunteers’ Week, the estimated value of volunteers helping UK charities is £22.6 billion. In the UK alone there are over 165,801 voluntary organisations, many of whom rely on volunteers to stay running.
Volunteering, however, isn’t just positive for the communities and organisations involved, but also for the volunteers themselves.

In keeping with mentalhealth.org, whilst “many of us feel too stressed and busy to worry about helping others, or say we’ll focus on doing good deeds when we have more ‘spare time’, evidence shows that helping others is actually beneficial for your own mental health and wellbeing. It can help reduce stress, improve your emotional wellbeing and even benefit your physical health.”

Volunteering has many fantastic benefits and can help many people:

  • Gain confidence – volunteering can give you the chance to try something different and really build a sense of achievement.
  • Learn new skills and gain experiences – through volunteering there are always opportunities to gain experience, learn new skills and even achieve qualifications.
  • Be part of a community – volunteering can really help make you feel part of something bigger, outside your family and friendship groups.
  • Make a difference – no matter who, what, or where you volunteer, you will be achieving a real and valuable positive impact on your community.
  • Take on a new challenge – volunteering offers you the chance to challenge yourself through doing something different, ultimately helping you to achieve personal goals, advance your experience and even discover hidden talents.
  • Meet new people – volunteering is a fantastic way to meet and socialise with different kinds of people of all backgrounds and gives you the opportunity to make new friends within this community.
  • HAVE FUN!! – Regardless of why you want to volunteer, you will have a great time!

Last year, the reuse sector supported just under 50,000 people through volunteering, training and work-placements. If you would like to find your local reuse centre and ask them about volunteering opportunities, please go to our Service Finder.

As an old saying goes:“volunteering may not make you a millionaire money-wise, but it will make you a billionaire blessings-wise”.

For more information on Volunteers Week and ways to get involved please head to https://volunteersweek.org.

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