Buy Nothing New Day 2023: Shining a Spotlight on Reuse Charities and the Power of Sustainable Shopping

Posted on the 20th November 2023

In 2017, Buy Nothing New Day was introduced by Reuse Network as a way to put the spotlight on our members and reuse charity shops during one of the biggest consumer days of the year, Black Friday.  

What is Buy Nothing New Day? 

Now in its sixth year, Buy Nothing New Day shines a light on reuse and the charities making a difference to people and planet, during one of the biggest consumer days of the year, Black Friday. 

Against the backdrop of the cost-of-living crisis and the climate emergency, the message of reuse for social and environmental change is being heard. As a network, this is a perfect opportunity to get behind the Buy Nothing New campaign and send a powerful message to consumers to re-think their shopping habits and support local reuse charities.

A recent report by the Charity Retail Association found that charity shops play an important role in improving people’s lives and wellbeing. So as well as being an affordable and sustainable place to shop, charity shops also help people to feel good too- a win win!   

What do reuse charities do? 

Reuse charities make a difference. They help low-income households live better by giving them access to fairly priced goods. They tackle social exclusion by providing training and volunteering opportunities so that more people can get back to work and positively contributing to their communities. They combat climate change by reducing carbon emissions and cutting waste. 

What can I do? 

Find your local reuse charity here: 

Follow them on social media. 

Buy from their stores 

Share our Buy Nothing New day social media cards and of course, 

Join the Reuse Revolution and Buy Nothing New on Friday 24th November! 

Download the social media cards here 

If you are a member of the Reuse Network and are looking for the members’ campaign pack, please log into the members’ area and go to the Campaigns section. 

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