Buy Nothing New

24 Nov 24 Nov

Friday 24 Nov 23 - Friday 24 Nov 23

What is Buy Nothing New Day?

You’ll be familiar with Black Friday, one of the many American marketing ploys to have made its way to this side of the Atlantic, where shops “slash” their prices and people (allegedly) camp outside the shop, scrambling on top of each other as soon as the doors open to get the best bargain.

In protest to this, Buy Nothing Day – started in 1992 by a Canadian artist named Ted Dave – was moved to the same day as Black Friday to raise awareness of consumerism (see Wikipedia reference).

In 2017, we decided to put our own little spin on this, and make it Buy Nothing New Day! With the support of the Reuse Network members, we made some noise on social media, members had a flash sale, got some coverage in their local press and spread the word that: “second-hand doesn’t mean second-best”.

Against the backdrop of the cost-of-living crisis and the climate emergency the message of reuse for social and environmental change is being heard. As a network, this a perfect opportunity to get behind the Buy Nothing New campaign and send a powerful message to consumers to re-think their shopping habits and support local reuse charities. 

A recent report by the Charity Retail Association found that charity shops play an important role in improving people’s lives and wellbeing. So as well as being an affordable and sustainable place to shop, charity shops also help people to feel good too- a win win  

How to get involved?

Join the Reuse Network on Friday 24th November to ensure that we can continue building a society where everyone can create a sustainable home.