Buy Nothing New Day 2020

27 Nov

Friday 27 Nov 20

Buy Nothing New Day – The Ethical Alternative to Black Friday – Friday 27 November

Now more than ever, charity retailers need your support! With many having to close their doors just as they were recovering from the national lockdown in spring and others operating with reduced opening hours, it is vital we keep supporting our local reuse charities.

What is Buy Nothing New Day?

Now in its third year, Buy Nothing New Day is the ethical alternative to Black Friday. Instead of buying new items from major retailers this Black Friday, pledge to buy from your local reuse charity either in-store or online.

What do reuse charities do?

Reuse charities make a difference. They help low-income households live better by giving them access to fairly priced goods. They tackle social exclusion by providing training and volunteering opportunities so that more people can get back to work and positively contributing to their communities. They combat climate change by reducing carbon emissions and cutting waste.

What can I do?

  • Find your local reuse charity here:
  • Follow them on social media.
  • Buy from their stores
  • Share our Buy Nothing New day social media cards and of course,
  • Join the Reuse Revolution and Buy Nothing New on Friday 27 November!

Social Media Cards: BNN2020_Public (zip folder)

If you are a member of the Reuse Network and are looking for the members’ campaign pack, please log into the members’ area and go to the Campaigns section.