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Posted on the 19th March 2024

Are you a reuse charity looking to elevate your impact in 2024? Join Reuse Network for a powerful membership platform that connects, collaborates, and empowers.

Reuse Network membership

Reuse Network is a UK-wide membership body dedicated to charitable and voluntary reuse organisations. We pride ourselves on creating a sustainable and supportive network, giving you the tools and support you need to become an integral part of the reuse sector!

What we have achieved

Some of our key achievements this year include:
• Successfully established commercial partnerships that resulted in an average of £1.8 million worth of stock for members throughout the year.
• Facilitated the donation of items worth £1,300 per member through the ‘Donate items‘ tool on the Reuse Network website.
• Collaborated with the End Child Poverty Coalition, End Furniture Poverty, and Barnardo’s to support national campaigns to scrap the two-child limit and extend the Household Support Fund.
• Created guidelines on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) to keep members updated on legislative changes and advised them on necessary actions for reuse charities.
• Engaged members in the review of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) consultation and coordinated a collective response.
• Delivered another year of social impact, including 1.59 million households helped and generating £335.5 million in social value.

What we are working on in 2024

Together, as a network, we have accomplished a great deal and we aim to achieve even more this membership year, including:

• Developing a strategic plan for regional reuse hubs to increase the capacity of the sector
• Expanding the range of commercial opportunities nationwide
• Developing strategic partnerships to help reduce poverty
• Increasing the number of roadshows and networking events
• Creating impactful campaigns to amplify the voice of the Reuse Network
• Advocating for reuse in government forums and policy
• Strengthening our network to better serve our members

By joining Reuse Network, you’ll be adding your voice to a community of like-minded organisations who are shaping the future of the reuse sector. Reuse Network membership allows you to tap into a wealth of resources to help your organisation drive sustainability and increase your impact.

Join Reuse Network and enjoy these membership benefits

• Valuable opportunities to collaborate and connect with like-minded organisations
• Advice from our dedicated team
• Free specialist tools to enhance your impact reporting
• Exclusive events and workshops
• Access to donations via our online service finder and through our corporate partners
• Member-only discounts on training and goods and services from our trusted suppliers
• Learning resources at your fingertips via our dedicated Members’ Area.
• Help with funding and sector support, profile raising, and partnership development
• Free promotional opportunities on our Reuse Service Finder. Last year, the Service Finder page on the Reuse Network website generated approximately £1,300 worth of donated items per member!

And much more.

You can find out more about our membership opportunities and the benefits here.

Join Reuse Network

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