Reuse is changing lives every day…

Posted on the 30th May 2018

This month we’ve been celebrating how our reuse activities are giving unwanted items a second chance. But we do more than that. The Reuse Network changes lives too. Here are some examples of the impact that reuse activities can have, and why #Every2ndcounts not just today, but every day.

Mike’s Story

Mike is a volunteer at Changing Lives in Cheshire (CLiC) where he helps to give unwanted furniture and household items a second life. Working at the charity has helped Mike to change his life too.

Mike was initially very nervous about volunteering; he hadn’t worked for over 20 years due to ill health and confidence issues and had been labelled as ‘unemployable’ by a careers adviser. He now works 16 hours a week at CLIC, and has gained in confidence from his employment and access to training opportunities that he’s been given.
Mike is far from being alone. Our 200 Reuse Network partners offer employment and training opportunities to those who need them.

Ella’s Story

Ella had fled an abusive relationship with no possessions other than those she could carry. With a baby to care for and no savings to call her own, Ella was in need of fast, practical help. She needed to furnish the empty property she had been allocated by Darlington Council and start building a new life.

Staff and volunteers at FRADE rallied round Ella immediately and worked to deliver and install the vital furniture she needed, transforming her flat from an empty shell into a safe, functional and comfortable home.

Celeste’s Story

Fleeing war-torn Angola in 2000, Celeste has successfully rebuilt her life in Leeds. When she moved into a new unfurnished flat she was advised by Leeds City Council to visit the St Vincent de Paul charity for help. There, she found a team who helped her to furnish her flat, making it a safe and relaxing space for Celeste and her two children.

When asked what the support she received meant, Celeste was clear: “My boys and I are absolutely delighted with the furniture for our home. I’ve lived in this community for many years and the staff at St Vincent de Paul are so lovely! We received a great service and we now have all we need to live comfortably.”

What can you give?

Every day our Reuse Network members change lives. We use your unwanted household items, and give them a second chance. By doing so we can help low-income families like Ella and Celeste, and give people like Mike the chance to enjoy work.

If you have something to give, then please do so today.

If you want to know where your local Reuse Network centre is, use our interactive map to find them. You can access it at:

Please share pictures of your donations on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and tag us with #Every2ndcounts.

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