Chief Executive Officer

FRADE, The Green House, 68 - 69 Brunswick Street, Stockton on Tees, TS18 1DR

  • Salary

    £35 - £37k

  • Hours of work

    4 - 5 days p/w, flexible

  • Contract



  • To provide leadership to the Organisation and ensure that the Board of Trustees fulfils its responsibilities in the governance of the Charity.
  • To be responsible for developing and expanding current services, developing new services, to work with the Board and managers to achieve the plans and targets of the business strategy.
  • To ensure long term sustainability through effective governance, sound finance, fund raising and delivery of services.


To provide the leadership to deliver the agreed vision, strategy values and specific objectives of the charity by:

  • Developing with the Trustees a strategic plan, business plan and marketing strategy.
  • Developing existing relationships and building new relationships with relevant Local Authorities Agencies, charity sector entities, commercial partners and the community.
  • Identifying and exploiting new business opportunities that are in line with our charitable aims.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES1. Governance and relationship with the Board of Trustees

  • To ensure that the Board has at its disposal sufficient resources, guidance, and professional advice on matters concerning compliance with its governing body, the law and the need to remain solvent.
  • To liaise with the Chairman and Board as appropriate.
  • In consultation with the Chairman to prepare meeting Agendas and draw the Board’s attention to matters that need a decision. To ensure that there is prompt provision of the Minutes of Board Meetings.
  • To enable proper constitution of the Board to provide good governance.

2. Strategic Leadership

  • To lead the Charity in a time of change, as it meets the challenges of legal, social and administrative developments.
  • To facilitate the establishment and development of training and education at all levels for all paid and unpaid staff.
  • To promote the corporate image of the charity through interpersonal relations with referrers and businesses, and the establishment of a corporate identity.
  • To represent the Charity at all external events and opportunities, and through carefully devised PR and media strategies.
  • To ensure that, at all times, the charity staff and its Board of Trustees comply with all laws related to its activities and operations.

3. Business Development

  • To undertake research and procure investment opportunities, to ensure the economic viability and furtherance of the charity.
  • To make proposals to the Board on goals, aims and objectives, (short, medium and long term).

4. Leadership and co-ordination of management staff.

  • To manage office resources and staff, in order to meet the agreed plan and strategies of the Charity.
  • To provide leadership, supervision and direction to staff within the framework of Employment Law.

5. Culture

  • To promote diversity and equality of opportunity in all the charity’s work and practices.
  • To build a staff culture where everyone is valued and equipped to do their job.

6. Operational Framework

  • To write and introduce policies and procedures to create and maintain a consistent work culture relating to staff, volunteers, clients and all members of the Charity.
  • To monitor quality assurance as it pertains to the services and units under the auspices of Charity Law, regulatory bodies, and funders.
  • To review the overall performance of the Charity.
  • To supply all reports required by the Board in the exercise of its legal, financial and other responsibilities, in accordance with Charity Commission regulations and current legislation.
  • To monitor HR strategy, appraisal systems and training programmes.

7. Finance

  • To consult with the Board and liaise with the Treasurer and Finance Officer to generate an Annual Budget.
  • To manage the overall budgets and resources of the Charity as a whole.
  • To ensure the timely and complete preparation of the annual audited accounts and Annual Report.
  • To seek and apply to funding bodies for grants or loans for future development.
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